OAP wrestled raider with walking stick

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AN 82-YEAR-OLD woman who wrestled with raiders when she discovered them in her Long Eaton home has told the Advertiser about her ordeal.

Thelma Bardsley had just sat down to watch Coronation Street when her dog ran into the room barking and rolling on the floor.

As Mrs Bardsely tried to work out what was wrong with Kracker she saw two feet at the door to her living room.

She said: “I got myself up and came face to face with this man, I shouted at him ‘What do you want? What are you doing in my house?’

“He grabbed me by the arm and when I got to the hall I saw another man.

“I was just thinking, if I get him to the kitchen I can grab my stick and shove him out of the door.”

As Mrs Bardsley continued to wrestle with one of the men a third raider appeared from her bedroom.

She said: “Eventually I managed to get the stick and I hit him on the legs and the arm. Then they all just ran off, I followed them out to watch where they went.

“As soon as they’d gone I just started shaking. I got to my neighbours house and my legs gave way.”

The three men, had sprayed Mrs Bardsley’s five-year-old shitzu in the face and almost blinded the dog.

Mrs Bardsley said: “I knew there was something wrong with him because he was crying and I just kept wondering what they’d done to him.

“How could they do that to a little, friendly dog. He wouldn’t hurt anyone.

“They’re nasty, horrible people. I saw them in my house and I was angry, I thought I’m not letting them think they can just come in here.”

The incident happened at 7.45pm on February 6 at Mrs Bardsley’s home in Darwin Road. It is believed the men left empty-handed.

The victim has worked with police to produce an e-fit of the man she struggled with.

He is described as white, slim and his early 20s. He was around 5ft 6ins tall and had dark eyes. He wore a black knitted beanie hat, black zipped up jacket and dark trousers. He spoke with an Irish accent.

She has described the other men as white. One was in his early 40s and around 5ft 5ins tall.

He had grey wavy hair and a grey beard. The other man had fair hair and wore a cream baseball cap.

If you have any information about this then call police on the non-emergency number 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.