OAPs are sent ‘vile’ letters

The council has issued another warning after more residents received fake letters this week.

A fortnight ago we revealed that pensioners in West Hallam had received letters, which claimed to be from Erewash Borough Council, asking them to move out of their homes to make way for immigrants.

Now a second letter, allegedly containing ‘vile and offensive language’, has been received by OAPs in Ilkeston.

According to the council, the letter refers again to a ‘Pensioner Relocation Scheme’, which it says does not exist.

Lorraine Poyser, the council’s assistant chief executive, has condemned the scam as ‘malicious and sick’.

She said the council is continuing to work closely with the police to bring those responsible to justice.

“We believe that this malicious scam is aimed at damaging the reputation of the council,” she said.

“However, of more concern is that it is upsetting and frightening vulnerable people within our community.”

The council has appealed to residents who may have information about the letters to call Pc Christopher Hamilton on the general police enquiries number 101.

Anyone who has received a leter is urged to contact Ms Poyser on 0115 907 2244.