Outrage as flowers stolen from charity

DHA Advice centre plant theft: Kath Jackson.
DHA Advice centre plant theft: Kath Jackson.

A charity, which offers free legal advice to Ilkeston folk, is hoping for swift justice after plantpots were stolen from its garden

Kathleen Jackson, manager of Direct Help and Advice (DHA) in Bath Street, said she was ‘saddened’ and ‘disappointed’ after the flowers and planters – bought out of her own pocket – were stolen over the weekend.

Staff and volunteers had only planted them in the yard at the rear of the charity on Friday evening to spruce up the smoking area, meaning the thieves could have struck within hours.

“It saddens and disappoints me that a small minority of the community think that it’s OK to be so disrespectful to others by taking something that is not theirs to have,” said Kathleen.

“Morality guides our behaviour, decisions and actions, it’s a choice that individuals make between right and wrong.

“Taking the property of others is stealing, it’s unacceptable at any level and it’s wrong.”

The stolen plants and planters were worth just £12 but, because the charity is funded entirely through grants and donations, Kathleen decided to pay for them out of her own money.

“Our services are completely free and we support some of the most vulnerable people in our community,” she added.

“Major welfare cuts, high unemployment and a flat economy mean that more people than ever will be turning to us for help, advice and re-training at a time when charity funding is being cut.”

She added: “I would like the persons who did this to find some character to return the plants and to offer the charity an apology.”

A police spokesman confirmed that the items were stolen from the yard, accessed via Pelham Avenue, between 7.30pm on Friday and 9am on Monday.

Call police on 101 with information.