Park shelter taken down

A shelter for young people in a Sandiacre park has been removed because of ‘repeated acts of vandalism’ and ‘offensive graffiti’.

The town’s parish councillors agreed to remove the youth shelter on the Doncaster Road recreation ground earlier this month because it was getting too expensive to repair.

They said the structure, close to Ladycross Infant School, the town’s children’s centre and a pre-school, has attracted drug taking and anti-social behaviour.

A council spokesman said there was ‘no alternative’ but to remove the shelter: “The parish council no longer has the resources to invest in continued repairs to the seating area and rear panels.

“Recently a large part of the seating area became so dangerous it had to be removed.

“Councillors have voiced concerns that the parish council can no longer tolerate ongoing and persistent acts of vandalism, which impact upon the council’s budget and ultimately the pockets of local residents via the council tax.”

The park also has a skate park, BMX track and multi-use games area.