Pervert must pay victim £228,000

Gary Froggatt must pay one of his victims �228,000.
Gary Froggatt must pay one of his victims �228,000.
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A Kirk Hallam paedophile, jailed for abusing three boys, must pay one of his victims more than £228,000 in compensation, a court has heard.

The victims of former swimming teacher Gary Froggatt were told months after he was sentenced to 19 years in 2010 that they would not be getting any compensation.

But one victim, abused by Froggatt from the age of six to 13, pursued the case through the civil courts.

Nottingham County Court has now ordered 58-year-old Froggatt to pay him £228,374, from the proceeds of selling his house in Ladywood Road.

Solicitor Simon Richardson, who fought the case for the victim, now in his 30s, said the award was one of the highest for trauma from abuse in hundreds of cases he had brought.

“The most important thing for him was the conviction because it punished the perpetrator,” said Mr Richardson.

“Compensation was not something he was looking for, so almost any payment would have been a bonus.

“To have got such a large amount is a potentially life-changing outcome for him and he is looking to secure the future of his family forever.”

Derby Crown Court heard in 2010 how Froggatt had abused the boys after swimming trips to Victoria Park Leisure Centre.

They did not report the crimes until 20 years later.