Police accused of discrimination

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A POLICE constable is seeking compensation for alleged victimisation and disability discrimination against the chief constable of Derbyshire police.

Now Chief Constable Mick Creedon is due to give evidence when the full tribunal in Birmingham hearing starts next year.

Officer Zulfiqar Sher successfully sought permission at a tribunal preliminary hearing to go ahead with his claims for victimisation and disability discrimination after claiming had been so unhappy that he had considered asking for a transfer to West Midlands police.

The tribunal was told that Mr Sher injured his right wrist and hand but his solicitor Miss Debbie Grenan alleged the force did not make reasonable adjustments to help him, prompting his compensation claim for disability discrimination.

The police opposed the compensation claims and denied the allegations.

Tribunal judge Mr Peter Gilroy described Mr Sher’s allegations as ‘wide-ranging’ and said he could go ahead with a full hearing next year over a 12-day period when a number of witnesses are due to attend.

Mr Sher declined to comment after the hearing.