Police catch drink driver in Long Eaton

Derbyshire roads Policing unit tweeted how they caught a driver nearly twice over the limit in Long Eaton last night.

"Long Eaton. Sees us and blasts off. Thinks better of that, stops, jumping in the passenger seat. Drunk, blows 65. One last attempt at blagging, it’s insured on one of those magical traders policies which he has no proof of. Arrested. #DontDrinkDrive #Seized #Chancer #Fatal4"

The team also siezed a car believed to have been stolen.

They tweeted;: "Ilkeston. Pug seen knocking about in the small hours, 4 up by @ErewashResponse. Linked to shop thefts. No insurance as the driver ‘just borrowed it’. #Seized"

Long Eaton drink driver

Long Eaton drink driver