Police crack down on drugs

A91XK7 Police line tape
A91XK7 Police line tape

Reports of drug dealing around Sandiacre Library have led police to launch a three-month crack-down.

There will be high-visibility and plain clothes patrols around the Doncaster Avenue building in a bid to snare the dealers.

Sgt Liam Caldecott, who leads the town’s policing team, said: “This kind of activity isn’t acceptable and we won’t tolerate it on our streets.

“Drug dealing and anti-social behaviour hugely affects the whole community so it’s something we will be working extremely hard to tackle.

“A key way for us to do this is for people to report suspicious activity to us straight away, which will give us the chance to target those responsible and put a stop to what they are doing.”

Advice will be given about the dangers of drugs and consequences of getting involved in anti-social behaviour.

The team will be focusing on the issue for the next three months after it was agreed as the priority at the November Safer Neighbourhood forum with townsfolk.

Also raised at the meeting were issues of youths gathering at spots including outside the Co-operative store and along King Edward Street

Another issue was motorbikes and mopeds driving recklessly around the library car park, canal path and Stoney Clouds nature reserve.

Call 101 to report illegal drugs activity in Sandiacre.