Police crackdown on yobs for Long Eaton’s Chestnut Fair

Yorkshire's police forces are lacking racial diversity, figure show
Yorkshire's police forces are lacking racial diversity, figure show

Police in Long Eaton have been granted additional enforcement powers to help prevent any potential anti-social behaviour in the town centre during the visit of Chestnut Fair.

The decision to introduce the Dispersal Order has been taken by Derbyshire police and Erewash Community Safety Partnership, to ensure that the general public can enjoy the fair this weekend.

The Section 34 Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 was created to enable uniformed police officers and PCSOs the power under Section 35 to ask people to disperse if they are engaging in behaviour that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to any member of the public in the designated area.

The order also allows officers to take anyone under the age of 16 within the group to their home address, if they are not supervised by a parent or responsible adult.

Officers can also direct the person to surrender any items in their possession or control that they believe has been or is likely to be used in behaviour that harasses alarms or distresses members of the public.

If individuals refuse to move on from the area they could be arrested, and face penalties of up to three months in prison and/or a fine of £2,500.

Sergeant Liam Caldecott of Long Eaton Neighbourhood Policing Section said: “I am using the new powers under Section 34 to enable my officers to exclude the minority of individuals from the area of the fair who insist on acting in an anti-social manner at the earliest opportunity.

“It will also allow officers to confiscate anything which can be used to cause annoyance. We are working closely with our colleagues in Erewash Borough Council to ensure the fair is a safe and enjoyable occasion for everyone as it has been for many years.

“The introduction of the order shows our on-going commitment to work in partnership to address anti-social behaviour and to use all available tools and powers that are at our disposal.”

The dispersal order will run from 5.00pm on Friday 21st November 2014 and will last until 7.00am on Monday 23rd November 2014.

Posters featuring a map have been produced to highlight the designated dispersal area in Long Eaton. These will be displayed in prominent areas.