Police look for burglary links

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Villagers were asked to keep their eyes peeled after two homes were raided in West Hallam in two days.

In one case, a man was seen on the drive outside Beech Lane house the day it was burgled. He was seen walking towards Pavilion Court.

Police are hoping to identify the man and are checking for links with a burglary on High Lane Central last Tuesday. This took place between 11.15am and 4.10pm that day.

An intruder broke open a door and got away with computer games, a laptop, digital camera, golf clubs and a mobile phone. He also took two wrist watches, a man’s and a woman’s.

The Beech Lane raid took place the next day between 7.50am and 6.10pm. A 42-inch flat screen TV was taken as well as a laptop and a games console.

Det Sgt Sandra Gibbs said: “If anyone sees anyone acting suspiciously or sees a vehicle they don’t know, we would ask them to ring us.

“If we don’t know these things, we can’t investigate them. We would rather people ring us, even if they are not sure anything is suspicious.”

The man seen is white and was seen in Beech Lane at around 10am on the day of the first burglary.