Police suspect fowl play over farmer’s stolen hens

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A TROWELL farmer’s 11-year-old son has been left heartbroken after callous burglars stole six chickens he bought with his own pocket money.

Lewis Smith saved up to buy his six bantam chickens – worth around £10 to £15 each – and spent hours with his granddad building the coop to house them in.

But at some point between 6.40pm last Thursday and 7am the following morning, burglars cut the padlock to the smallholding near Trowell Hall off Nottingham Road, and smashed through the hen house with a car to get at the chickens.

Dad Ivan said: “It’s unrepeatable what I think of these people. Lewis is really upset.”

Lewis, who lives with his mum and stepdad in Ripley, visits the farm every weekend to see his prize chickens and clean out the coop.

“He’s not seen the damage yet but it’s going to make him more upset after all the hardwork he and his granddad have put in,” said Ivan.

The HGV driver, from Bramcote, shares the plot of land with other smallholders, one of whom had farm machinery stolen from his land the same night.

From what Ivan could gather the burglars drove a car up the dirt track knocking fence posts over and smashing through part of the coop.

He said: “They took part of the hen house with them and smashed everything else. It was a real mess.”

Ivan and his partner, who grazes horses on the land, have only had the smallholding since last autumn.

The chickens, which included one cock, are lacewing bantams with white feathers with little brown necks and big plumes of feathers towards their backs.

A spokesman from Nottinghamshire police said they are investigating the incidents as burglaries.

They are urging any witnesses to call them on 0300 300 99 99 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.