Police up patrols after burglars target key safes in Stapleford

Police have increased patrols after the burglaries.
Police have increased patrols after the burglaries.

Police are encouraging residents living properties with key safes to stay vigilant following three burglaries in Stapleford.

Properties' key safes at Saville Close, Ruckford Court and Northwood Street were all targeted in similar offences which took place between June 14 and July 12.

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Police have increased patrols in the area but officers would like to remind members of the public to follow guidance.

Police Constable Richard Evans, of Nottinghamshire Police's county burglary team, said: "Key safes can fulfil a vital role for some members of the community but if possible they should be used in a manner that minimises security risk.

"Do not place key safes in an obvious position near the front door. If possible, locate them to the rear of the property or somewhere out of direct sight and make sure that you keep relevant agencies up to date with the location of keys and the safe.

"Furthermore, you should always ensure key safe is secure and un-tampered and I’d encourage friends, family or neighbours of elderly people to assist them with these checks."