RAPE TRIAL: Accused is ‘lovable rogue’: step-father

derby crown court
derby crown court

The teenager accused of raping a mother-of-one in a park in Ilkeston was described in court today (Friday) as a ‘lovable rogue’ by his step-father.

Michael Bowler, a technician at a college, described 19-year-old Dean Robertson’s previous convictions for throwing stones on to the M1 motorway and stealing from a car as ‘minor fracas’, calling him ‘a bit of a lad’, but with an ‘altruistic attitude’.

Robertson also took the stand at Derby Crown Court today, claiming that the 24-year-old alleged victim had offered him sex in the early hours of Sunday October 30, 2011.

He said that, at the time, the woman was already having sex with two other men, one of whom he knew, when he approached the group in the Rutland Rec’.

He said he had been ‘hanging around’ Ilkeston town centre for the previous three hours drinking about five cans of lager and smoking cannabis alone before he was beckoned over by the group.

The woman removed his trousers and willingly performed a sex act on him, he claimed.

Avik Mukherjee, prosecuting, said: “You were just following them weren’t you? Peer pressure, wasn’t it?

“Trying to look big and cool in front of your mates – you didn’t want to look like a chicken.

“She could have been anyone, couldn’t she? You didn’t have any consideration for her at all.”

Referring to the alleged offer of sex, Robertson, of Tobermory Way, Sinfin, said: “Anyone who’s offered it, they would probably take it.”

On Wednesday the victim told the court she had been raped by two men, not three.

DNA evidence found on her clothing had a one in a billion chance of not being Robertson’s, the court also heard.

Summing up the prosecutions’s case, Mr Mukherjee said: “I don’t know if Mr Bowler was surprised when he heard what his step-son had been doing on October 30 – loafing around Ilkeston, drinking, smoking dope and coming across some people that he claims he knows and one that he doesn’t and taking sexual favours from that female.”

He added: “She told you she had a boyfriend and a young son and had never had sex with anyone else.

“She said she is scared from time to time and found it hard to be examined by doctors – fake or genuine?”

The jury will hear defence barrister Mark van der Zwart’s closing speech on Tuesday before they are sent out to deliberate.

The trial continues.