Relocation scheme fraudster in court

Derby Magistrates court.
Derby Magistrates court.

A fraudster who sent letters to pensioners telling them they would be moved out of their homes to make way for immigrants, has been given community service.

Last summer one of the letters sent by Joseph Twigge, 49, to pensioners in West Hallam was also pushed through the door here at the Advertiser.

Advertiser reporter Dave Wade holds up the scam letter we received.

Advertiser reporter Dave Wade holds up the scam letter we received.

The letters claimed to be from Erewash Borough Council’s solicitor Rafqat Ali and talked of a ‘pensioner relocation scheme’ whereby they would be moved to Chesterfield and Leicester.

The council worked alongside Derbyshire police to successfully prosecute Twigge, of Woodside Crescent, Ilkeston, for sending out false information to elderly residents.

He was given 100 hours community service and ordered to pay costs of £80 at Derby Magistrates Court.

Assistant chief executive at Erewash Lorraine Poyser said she welcomed the outcome.

“The letters caused upset and concern to elderly people within our community and I know the families of those who received the fake letters will particularly welcome the news that the person responsible has been brought to justice,” she said.

In the first letter elderly folk were told that they would be moved to make way for immigrant families and that they would be found alternative accommodation in Leicester and Chesterfield.

The letter sent to our offices came with a cover not, signed by a woman who said that her husband had passed a copy on to the headquarters of the BNP – the far-right political party, calling the plan ‘reverse racism’.

The police asked to take away the letter as evidence.

A second scam letter sent to residents, again purporting to be from the council, said the scheme had been cancelled and included offensive language.

Twigge pleaded guilty on Friday February 22 to four charges of conveying false information and asked for seven others to be taken into consideration.