Robbers jailed over Ilkeston street attack

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TWO robbers who attacked a pair of teenagers in an Ilkeston street have been locked up.

Skye Zabaroni, 19, and Jordan Dunmore, 20, were drunk when they approached the two 18-year-olds in Wharncliffe Road.

Derby Crown Court heard that Zabaroni launched a vicious attack on one of the teenagers and Dunmore stole a phone from the other.

Sentencing the pair to two years and three months’ custody, Judge David Pugsley said: “When the perception gets about that you cannot even walk the streets of this county without being subject to this degree of violence it’s extremely grave.”

The court was told that Zabaroni grabbed one of the teenagers by the back of his coat and accused him of saying bad things about her sister.

But the teenager did not even know Zabaroni, prosecutor Martin Hurst said.

She then grabbed him by the front of his shirt and demanded he hand over his phone. When he said he did not have one she swung a punch at him but missed.

Mr Hurst said: “She then said ‘I’ll stab you’ and she reached down as if to get a knife but it wasn’t produced.”

The court heard that Dunmore, of Belper Road, Stanley Common, was encouraging her saying “go on, smash his face in.”

Zabaroni, of Whitely Avenue, Ilkeston, thumped the teenager twice and he fell to the floor. She then kicked him in his body and head.

His friend stepped towards him to help and Dunmore said “give me your phone” and punched him.

The teenager’s phone fell from his coat pocket.

Mr Hurst said that following the attack Zabaroni’s victim felt dizzy, had a severe headache and cuts on his lip.

The attack happened at 6.40pm on November 2.

Just weeks earlier, on September 25, Zabaroni was arrested after she told a man she would stab him and had taken out a silver lock knife from her waistband, the court heard. When an officer arrested her for this, she kicked him on the shin.

Zabaroni admitted assault with intent to rob, possessing a knife in a public place and assaulting a police constable.

Gregor Purcell, speaking for Zabaroni, said she had had a difficult start in life.

Quentin Robbins, for Dunmore, who admitted robbery and breaching a community order, said: “He cannot remember much – his recollection is very hazy due to the drink.”