Scooter ‘scam’ foiled by OAP

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An elderly woman foiled a suspected mobility scooter scam in Kirk Hallam, police have said.

A man called the 81-year-old on Tuesday August 13 to tell her that her mobility scooter had not been serviced and she would have to pay £120.

He said he would collect the cash later that day.

But, smelling a rat, the householder called her scooter supplier and Derbyshire trading standards who immediately acted on her information and contacted police.

Officers attended the lady’s address and waited for the suspect to turn up.

A 51-year-old man was then arrested on suspicion of fraud.

Pc Andy Kendal-Edwards said: “The action taken by this lady was fantastic, her vigilance and immediate response to the suspicious phone call meant we were able to arrest this man on the same day.

“We suspect that he is using this scam to prey on individuals, hoping they will just hand over their money and not question his dubious behaviour, on this occasion he was wrong.

“I am thankful that our warning to people to be alert to suspicious behaviour or phone calls has paid off.”

The suspect has since been bailed pending further enquiries.

Call 101 to contact police or 08454 040506 for Derbyshire trading standards