Shameful motorist left an injured paperboy in the street after a collision

Chesterfield magistrates' court.
Chesterfield magistrates' court.

A remorseful motorist who left a paperboy lying in the street with injuries after a collision in Derbyshire has narrowly been spared from time behind bars.

Businessman Mark Weaver, 48, of Poulter Street, Langwith, was involved in the collision with the 14-year-old boy on Church Street, at South Normanton, and the youngster was left with concussion, a broken right collar bone, grazes to his face and a suspected broken nose.

Prosecuting solicitor Becky Allsop told a Chesterfield magistrates’ court on September 17 how Weaver had initially pulled-up in his Range Rover after the collision but then drove away from the scene.

Mrs Allsop said: “A 14 year-old boy was carrying out a paper round in the early morning about 6.55am and he had just set off with a bright orange paper bag and he had a scooter with him.

“The last thing he remembered was being stood on the pavement with the scooter and then he was on the ground and he remembers a flash of headlights and being on the pavement having suffered injuries.”

Another driver stated she had seen the defendant swerve suddenly with a flash of its headlights and she saw a small boy on the pavement.

This witness went to help the boy, according to Mrs Allsop, and the youngster was trying to get up and was covered in blood and was struggling to breathe and another person came to help.

Mrs Allsop added: “She looked down the road to see where the vehicle was that had struck him but it was no where to be seen.”

CCTV footage showed a 4x4 Range Rover driving down the road, braking suddenly and leaving the scene but footage did not show the collision, according to Mrs Allsop, however a broken wing mirror was found at the scene.

Mrs Allsop added that following a media appeal police received a tip-off with the vehicle’s registration and police contacted Weaver before he returned their call.

Weaver told police the youngster had stepped out and he had seen him get back on the scooter and he had thought he was okay.

He stated he had been aware of the collision and he had not seen the boy on the pavement waiting to cross and he had swerved.

Weaver, who runs a business in Horsley, added he had seen the boy moving on the ground and he turned onto The Croft and saw him getting up and thought he was okay so he left the scene.

The defendant pleaded guilty to failing to stop after an accident on December 10, 2018, which had left a youngster injured.

Mrs Allsop conceded that the witness had not seen the collision and the youngster could not recall what had happened and Mr Weaver was acquitted of a separate charge of driving without due care and attention.

Defence solicitor David Cussack said Weaver made a mistake and he is very sorry but Mr Cussack stressed Weaver has been acquitted of careless driving.

Mr Cussack also said that the road involved includes a hill with obstructions including speed humps and the young boy had been going to cross the street.

Following the accident Weaver did stop at one point, according to Mr Cussack, but he did not stop to exchange details and he accepts the boy did not get up but he had seen a woman helping him.

Mr Cussack added: “No one would seek to be anything other than really sorry for what happened without splitting hairs about who was responsible.”

Mrs Allsop added the youngster recovered after six weeks from his injuries but he has had to undergo counselling and he struggles to leave his home and has been left feeling angry.

Weaver was sentenced to 12 weeks of custody suspended for 12 months with 120 hours of unpaid work.

He was also banned from driving for 12 months and must pay a £115 victim surcharge and £85 costs.