Speeding drivers caught out

Helping to catch speeding drivers.
Helping to catch speeding drivers.
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Nine drivers have been caught speeding through Dale Abbey and warned about the dangers, police have said.

Volunteers from the village were armed with radar guns last week to clock the speed of passing motorists along Moor Lane.

Letters will now be sent to the vehicle owners, asking that they respect the speed limit through the village.

Pc Russ Crooks from the Ilkeston Rural Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team organised the Community Speedwatch event on Wednesday August 8 and Thursday August 9.

He said the fastest speed clocked was 54mph – almost double the the 30mph speed limit on the road through the village.

The speeding drivers were also warned that if they are caught breaking the speed limit again they may face a penalty.

Data recorded by the initiative could be used to help officers pick future locations for speed cameras.

Call 101 to volunteer for speedwatch.