Spit on drive leads to jail term

Karl Deakin
Karl Deakin

A burglar, who was identified by his DNA after he spat on a victim’s driveway, has been locked up for more than eight years.

Karl Deakin was sentenced to six years for robbery and two years four months for burglary after he admitted two break-ins, including one in Ilkeston.

When the owners of a house in Fallow Road, Spondon, discovered they had been burgled on December 3 last year, they noticed spit on the driveway.

Crime Scene Investigators took a sample of the spit and DNA identified that it belonged Deakin, of Christopher Close, Wollaton.

Police also identified the 33-year-old as being responsible for a robbery at a house in Critchley Street, Ilkeston, on July 9.

Two men broke into the house and demanded money from the woman inside. They took a laptop before leaving.

Deakin was sentenced at Derby Crown Court on Wednesday, June 12.