‘Stick of dynamite’ sparks bomb scare

Suspect package in Nottingham Road.
Suspect package in Nottingham Road.

A ‘stick of dynamite’ found at an Ilkeston petrol station sparked a bomb scare in town this weekend.

A worker at the Larklands Esso garage found a cylindrical object in the vacuum cleaner section of the car wash at about 1pm on Sunday (October 6), according to Derbyshire police.

He called the police who quickly cordoned off Nottingham Road, diverting traffic in both directions.

Officers from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team hurried to the scene to investigate what was described as a ‘suspicious package’.

It was only after closer inspection that the ‘bomb’ was discovered to be, in fact, nothing more than a wooden rod, wrapped in brown paper, with the word ‘dynamite’ scrawled across it.

A police spokesman said ‘it was better to be safe than sorry’ but apologised for the inconvenience of closing the road until 2.45pm.

“Given that there were some very flammable substances at the petrol station, we put in place a cordon,” she said.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the road closure.”

She added that no one has been arrested but that forensic officers had examined the rod for fingerprints.

Panic spread among Twitter users caught up in the drama.

Sophie Mainstone wrote: “There’s bomb disposal police on notts road..oh god.”