Taxi driver’s fury over cab vandalism

NILABE111101c1, Ilkeston, Vandalised taxi in for repair.
NILABE111101c1, Ilkeston, Vandalised taxi in for repair.

A TAXI driver has told the Advertiser of his frustration after his car was vandalised for the third time in less than a year.

Philip Trussell, who lives on Nelson Street, discovered vandals had poured paint stripper over his cab on Saturday.

The same thing happened in January and in April vandals smashed the windows with a hammer and dented the bonnet and other panels.

Mr Trussell, who works for himself said: “That car is what earns me my living and for the third time this year I’m without it.

“Because of this vandalism I’ve had 17 weeks where I’ve not been able to work and now I’m without it again and that means even more time off.

“I just can’t understand it and I definitely can’t afford it.

“Every time I have it fixed, it happens again.”

Mr Trussell added that he was left to foot a bill of £1,400 for repairs after the first incident and after the second he was forced to fork out another £800.

A police spokesman confirmed that there had been three incidents reported to them.

She added: “We are keen to speak to anyone who saw anything suspicious or knows anything about any of these incidents.”

Call Derbyshire police on 101.