Thief caught out on CCTV

An Ilkeston thief used in-store equipment to remove a security tag from sportswear.

William Campbell, 46, denied theft of tracksuit bottoms until he was shown CCTV footage of the crime.

“It showed him lean over with the bottoms in his hand and, when staff were not looking, he used the store’s official de-tagging device to remove a security tag.

“He hadn’t realised there was a second tag inside the trousers and this set off a store alarm,” Helen Griffiths, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates.

Campbell was detained outside Donnay Sports, at East Midlands designer outlet in South Normanton.

He had a receipt for some socks but no proof of purchase for the Adidas sportswear, worth £25.

Mrs Griffiths said he was with his two children, both in their 20s, when he was apprehended and he claimed he believed his daughter had paid for the trousers.

Campbell, of Cotmanhay Road, Ilkeston, admitted breaching a two-year conditional discharge imposed by Derby magistrates in June for shoplifting.

Sentence was adjourned until November 15 for probation service reports.

“He says he didn’t intend to steal when he went into the store. He de-tagged the bottoms and says he was going to give them to his son. He has a history of drink and drug problems,” said Stacey Whyte, for Campbell.