Thieves jailed for stealing from town cash machine

Marius Enachi
Marius Enachi

TWO thieves have been jailed for using a device to steal money from cash machines.

Marius Enachi, 34, and Gheorghe Nutica, 38, were arrested after the Barclays ATM in Bath Street was tampered with.

Days after a customer reported a problem with the cash machine, an employee told police about two men acting suspiciously near the ATM and passed details of their vehicle to police.

Customers had not received money from the machine when requested.

Officers in South Yorkshire arrested two man and a third was arrested in Derby. They also recovered a device used for ‘skimming’ ATMs.

Enachi and Nutica, both of Hartington Street, Derby, pleaded guilty to theft from the Ilkeston ATM between April 27 and May 5,

At a hearing at Nottingham Crown Court on September 6, Enachi was jailed for 15 months for the Ilkeston theft and thefts in South Yorkshire.

Nutica was jailed for eight months.