Town car thief jailed after police chase

Stephen Paylor - jailed February 2012 for 18 months
Stephen Paylor - jailed February 2012 for 18 months

A TERRIFIED police officer was forced to jump out of the way as a banned motorist sped towards him, a court has heard.

Stephen Paylor also drove near a children’s play area and hit a parked car, causing hundreds of pounds of damage, as he fled from police.

The 37-year-old, who had previously been convicted of driving while disqualified 13 times, has now been jailed for 18 months.

Derby Crown Court heard that Paylor, who has only ever held a provisional licence, will now not be able to take a driving test for another two years.

Recorder Nicolas Cartwright told Paylor: “You had no business driving that car that day.”

Paylor had taken the Golf vehicle from his mother’s home without permission, said prosecutor Sarah Allen. Officers, who recognised Paylor stopped him in Dovedale Circle, Ilkeston, and got out of their vehicle.

Miss Allen added: “The defendant’s response was to drive towards the police officer, who was forced to jump out of the way, and he then made off.”

The court heard officers then parked in the middle of the road in Church Street to block Paylor’s path. Another police car drove behind him.

Miss Allen said that when Paylor noticed the patrol car behind him, with its lights flashing and siren on, he mounted the pavement ‘at speed’ and drove along it for about 20 metres.

He then drove into Henshaw Place, around some bollards and along a footpath next to a children’s play area, said Miss Allen. The police decided it was too dangerous to follow him but he was arrested the following day.

Quentin Robbins, for Paylor, said: “He has served sentences throughout the last 10 years. It is clear from what he says, prison is where he feels safe.”

But Mr Robbins said Paylor had last been released from jail in September 2010 and had stayed out of trouble until this incident, on December 18 last year. He said he had been trying to quit drugs.

Paylor, of Cotmanhay Road, Cotmanhay, admitted driving dangerously, driving without a licence and insurance, driving while disqualified and aggravated vehicle taking.