UK police officers get free canine first aid training - after knife attack nearly killed Derbyshire police dog

Britain’s police dog handlers are to receive free canine first aid training to help save the lives of their injured four-legged partners – after a knife attack which nearly claimed the life of a Derbyshire police dog.

Thursday, 29th April 2021, 11:52 am
A Police Dog Handler practicing Dog First Aid on a CPR dummy dog.

The first ever nationwide campaign to provide free dog first aid support to the UK’s police forces launches today, offering Britain’s nearly 1,500 police dogs greater support in those critical moments of need.

Thanks to a coalition of animal welfare advocates, free first aid training and kits are to be issued to their handlers that could one day mean the difference between life and death for these courageous dogs.

Animal Friends Insurance is leading an initiative to bring together Dog First Aid Training experts, police dog charity the Thin Blue Paw Foundation, and police forces up and down the country.

Axel the Derbyshire police dog nearly lost his life after he was stabbed.

The initiative will ensure that the UK’s brave police dogs can receive immediate care should they get injured in the line of duty and have a better chance of recovery.

It comes after retired Derbyshire police dog Axle almost lost his life protecting our community

Axle was called in to help apprehend a man in Derbyshire who was armed with a hammer and knife.

The man had smashed the windows of a police vehicle and tried to assault the officer inside.

The suspect then ran from the area while still in possession of the knife, triggering a search that involved firearms officers and the police helicopter.

Axle caught up with the suspect in woodland and cornered him.

Derbyshire police dog handlers have already had training in canine first aid and the new nationwide project has the backing of the Chief Constable of Derbyshire Police, Rachel Swann.

She said “I am really pleased to support this initiative.

"Last year we ran our own Dog First Aid Courses for our handlers as we understand the benefit this can bring, not just to our own dogs as they serve on the frontline but to other dogs our handlers deal with in the course of their duty.

"Our police dogs are an important part of our workforce, and this helps us to look after them, should they get injured whilst undertaking their duty.

"I’d encourage all police dog handlers everywhere to sign up to this free course.”

The dogs first aid course will be available for active police dog handlers to book from April, with the first courses commencing in June.

Dog First Aid Training is to provide a free bespoke virtual course for police dog handlers that will teach them how to immediately treat blunt force trauma injuries, burns and identify the signs of shock.

Treatment for the most serious conditions such as fractures, severe sprains and wounds will also be taught in the course.

Police dog handlers attending the course will also be provided, free of charge, with a tailor-made dog first aid kit by the Thin Blue Paw Foundation, funded by a £10,000 donation by Animal Friends.

The kits can be worn on uniforms and could play a vital role in treating injuries suffered by the brave dogs.