Vandal teens made to pay

A group of teenagers have been made to pay compensation of £600 for causing criminal damage to a number of cars in West Hallam.

The three teenagers, aged 15, admitted causing damage to wing mirrors on eight cars in the in February.

PC Russ Crooks of the Ilkeston Rural Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “It took a while to track the suspects down and I eventually caught up with them.

“They have all been spoken to at length and as a result they have made amends by paying compensation to each victim.”

The vehicle owners were happy for the matter to be resolved with the teenagers through PC Crooks and the use of restorative justice, an initiative brought in by police in April 2009 to enable officers to use their professional judgment to resolve minor crimes swiftly and in accordance with the victims wishes.

The crime is recorded as usual but dealt with in a more proportionate way, without the case going through the court process. This resulted in the teenagers paying a total of £600 to the victims to compensate for the damage they caused.