VIDEO: Can you tell which gun is real?

Derbyshire police have launched a firearms amnesty.
Derbyshire police have launched a firearms amnesty.

Can you tell the difference between the two pistols shown in this video?

One of them is a real police-issue Glock handgun, and one of them is an imitation BB gun that we took off the streets.

Derbyshire police want you to choose between them as quickly as you can, without pausing the video, so you can see how tough it is for their firearms officers to tell the difference out on the streets, from distance, and sometimes when it’s dark.

You can play with an imitation weapon like a BB gun in the privacy of your home, but as soon as you step out in public, you’re breaking the law and may very well be faced with the police's firearms unit. Their guns are real.

If police see someone carrying a gun in public, officers have just a fraction of a second to decide if it’s real or not – and they do not take chances.

This video has been released as part of the launch of a Derbyshire-wide firearms surrender, which runs from today until Sunday, November 26.

During that time, police are urging people who have firearms they no longer want or need – or shouldn’t have in the first place – to hand them in so they can stop them falling into the wrong hands.

That includes replica or imitation firearms such as the one shown in the video. Even plastic BB guns can be used by criminals for offences such as armed robbery.

You can hand items in at any of the force's four enquiry offices – St Mary’s Wharf and Pear Tree police station in Derby; or at Chesterfield or Buxton police stations – or in other counties if that’s more convenient.

People can also hand firearms or ammunition in anonymously if they want to. Call 101 for more information.