Woman faces ban for dragging puppy

A woman faces a ban on keeping pets after dragging a bleeding puppy to a photoshoot with her older dog.

Mother-of-two Rachel Taylor told a court she did not realise injuries were being caused to 11-week-old Staffordshire Bull terrier Molly.

Magistrates adjourned the case against Taylor, 25, of Castleton Avenue, Ilkeston. She admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the pet on April 20.

She is to get a report from her vet to challenge an RSPCA application for a lifetime ban. The case returns to court in three weeks.

John Sutcliffe, prosecuting, said a passer-by saw Taylor with a puppy, an older dog and a baby in a pram on College Street, Long Eaton. Taylor appeared to be shouting at the puppy.

Mr Sutcliffe said the woman handed Taylor £170 – all the money she had – to persuade her to hand over the puppy so it could be taken to a vet.

“The vet found the dog was in good bodily condition but had a number of abrasions and other injuries to its body,” he said.

“There were a number of cuts and he said the puppy had been in contact with a hard surface in the last two hours for not less than ten minutes.”

Sarah Green, mitigating, told the court in Derby: “She had no idea the dog was receiving injuries. The dog was not barking or yelping.

“It seemed to be behaving in the normal manner for an over-excited puppy. She was completely gobsmacked as how the injury had happened.”

Taylor returned the £170 cash to the woman and the dog is being held by the RSPCA.

Mrs Green added: “On the day in question, she had taken on too much. She was on her way to a photoshoot with the dogs because she is proud of them.”

Presiding magistrate Bernard Peters said it was difficult to understand how she did not know the puppy was being harmed.

But Taylor said: “I am not aware I hurt her.

“I was pulling her to walk and she was walking. It was not my intention and I was not purposely hurting her.”