Woman is warned over cat care

A FORMER cat owner has admitted leaving her pet to fend for itself for nearly a week.

Neighbours called the police after seeing that Joanne Hawley had left black cat Sooty alone at her then address in Coppice Avenue, Cotmanhay, on February 16 this year.

John Sutcliffe, prosecuting, told Derby Magistrates’ Court that a police officer then placed tape seals on the doors and found no one had been in or out for six days.

The officer fed the cat through the letterbox and asked Three Valleys Housing, who owned the property, to be let in on February 22.

The officer found Hawley, 29, inside the house cleaning.

Mr Sutcliffe said: “The place was a complete shambles. Filthy, with rubbish all over the place.”

Pregnant Hawley, who now lives in Long Eaton with her partner who has a cat, told the court that she had left dried food out for the animal and has now ‘given up’ the cat.

Magistrate Caroline Goulbourne ordered Hawley to pay £90 vet bills and £210 prosecution costs, warning her that if she re-offends in the next two years she will be punished for both crimes.