Crucial time for Ilkeston

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So, the main Co-op at the top of Ilkeston has finally closed. Well, I’m sure that the staff who have lost their jobs there will be able to be re-employed at the new Morrison’s presently being built near the college in Hallam Fields.

Perhaps the Co-op building could now be converted into a conference centre and hotel, as this would re-invigorate the town centre which, in my view, has been decimated through its pretentious pedestrianisation and parking restrictions, introduced all those years ago by ‘forward-thinking’ council policies.

As I have also said before, the time is yet ripe for Ilkeston to be selectively turned into a residential area, since in the near future there will be so many superstores around as to kill off all but the hardy specialist shops in the town centre.

Paul Snell,

Robinson’s Court,