Dad’s tribute to Heanor’s angel Abbie

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Tribute has been paid to Abbie Chambers - the devoted mother and caring friend.

The 21-year-old mother of two was killed in a motorcycle crash on Wednesday, February 4 on the A610 near Eastwood.

She leaves behind two young daughters, Elouise, three, and Eva, two, who are now being looked after by Abbie’s mother, Sandra Chambers, 48.

The girls’ father Dominic Riley, 20, a graphic designer from Mickleover said he is pulling through for Eva and Elouise.

He added: “I’ve just got to be strong for the little girls and make their mummy one to be proud of by telling them amazing stories of how much a great woman she was.”

The girls have been told that their mother has died, he added.

“They know she’s gone but she’ll always be looking over them.

“They’ve been waving at the stars at bedtime to say goodnight to her.”

“Hopefully things are progressing for the future for me and the girls. I’m going to do Abbie proud and make sure they are successful, beautiful little ladies.”

Dominic and “Flabz” - his nickname for Abbie - have been friends since they were 16.

“We weren’t together, but we were close friends who had each others back.”

“The amount of memories I’ve had with her is unreal.”

He recalled: “Me, Abbie and a girl called Sian used to go to Home Bargains to play with all the toys. I bought the Nerf gun and those two had a horse race in the costumes. It will never be the same knowing I can’t wind her up. It was like a hobby we both had together.”

Abbie went to Mary Howitt School, William Howitt School and then Heanor Gate Science College.

She left school at 16 and worked as a care assistant.

She had two brothers Ryan, 24, and Aaron, 17, and her father James Chambers lives in Breaston.

She was a very open, forward and confident person with a Bubbly attitude, said Dominic.

He added: “Abbie was a very caring and helpful person and would go out of her way to help others all the time.

She was a devoted mother. She was the rock of her girls’ lives and they were the very reason she got up in the morning.

Close friend Ruby Radford said she had many memories of the two being naughty when they were young

“We used to knock on a neighbours door and shoot him with potato guns. And then when we closed the door we shoved leaves through his letter box.

Jane Buxton, 43, a carer from Heanor remembered Abbie when she was a little girl.

She added: “She’s always been a very lovely girl. She was so popular.

“I remember all the times she used to come to my house to play on the trampoline and play in the pool with friend and my daughter Jess.

“All you heard from the bottom of the garden was screams and laughter.”

Abbie and Jane’s daughter Jessica used to share birthday parties at Charles Hill centre, she said.

“I so wish we could turn the clock back. To see you lot screaming at the bottom of the garden. I’m thinking of your beautiful girls who are going to be told what a wonderful mummy you were. God bless you sweet heart Rest in Peace.”

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Abbie’s Angels Fund

The girls used to get into all sorts of trouble, added Jane.

“They used to go into the farmers field behind the house more than they should have done, getting into trouble, catching their clothes on the barbed wire.”

Abbie was riding pillion on the back of a motorcycle when her fatal crash took place on Wednesday. Two other bikes and a car were involved in the accident. The three other drivers were uninjured and Abbie’s friend who was driving the bike is said to recovering well.

A fundraising site to support her children, Abbie’s Angels, reached its target of £2,000 within 12 hours and doubled the figure within three days.

Vicki, a businesswoman who started the page said she was touched by the story.

She added: “Having a daughter the same age as one of Abbie’s daughters brought it home - this really could happen to anyone. Watching hundreds of people rally together has really restored my faith in people,

Abbie’s Angels fund will be open to donations until the end of February to give everyone who wants to the opportunity to support Eva and Elouise.

Dominic said the fundraising page was an amazing idea: “I’m sure the girls will be so thankful, and I’ll make sure they never forget everyone’s generosity and how much everyone loved their mummy.”

Visit to support Eva and Elouise.