Day of safety checks on taxis

Safety checks have been carried out on licensed Hackney carriages and private-hire vehicles in the borough.

Erewash Borough Council’s licensing team and Derbyshire police carried out checks on 29 vehicles during the exercise on March 27. Four were found to have minor issues ranging from faulty lights to missing fire extinguishers and first-aid kits. The owners were asked to resolve the problems and all four vehicles passed their re-checks later the same day.

Nine vehicle owners were sent letters reminding them of advice given following the inspection, on issues like low tyre pressures and low tyre tread.

The council requires all licensed vehicles to undertake two in-house inspections by the council’s mechanics together with an MOT every year. If a vehicle is suspected of being involved in a road traffic accident then additional inspections are required to ensure its suitability.

The borough council’s licensing and enforcement officers regularly carry out vehicle inspections at the roadside and at taxi ranks.