Dead cat owner puts up reward

Glen and Kath Monk's cat George. They believe it was killed, found it dead April 2011 near Wade Avenue and Sudbury Avenue
Glen and Kath Monk's cat George. They believe it was killed, found it dead April 2011 near Wade Avenue and Sudbury Avenue

A CAT owner who found his pet dead in a field is putting up a reward for information about its death.

Glen Monk and his wife Kath were devastated to find two-year-old George, who they believe was strangled, in a field at the back of their home in Wade Avenue, Ilkeston.

The couple, who also have two dogs, were not going to inform the police of their suspicions until a neighbour told them that she had found her cat dead, believing it to have been kicked to death.

Kath Monk said: “I hope whoever did this rots in hell.

“I know some people don’t like cats but this is just so cruel and so so sad.”

Glen is so upset by what has happened he is offering a £100 cash reward to anyone who offers information that leads to a conviction.

He said: “We knew something was wrong when he didn’t come back on the Saturday night.

“We’d been looking for him and had no luck. We’d searched a few times where we eventually found him so someone must have had him and then dumped him there.

“It’s disgusting, I just don’t understand why anyone would do something like this.”

The other cat, Tommy, was found covered in anti-freeeze and kicked to death.

The 18-year-old-pet belonged to an 89-year-old man. He did not want to be named, but his daughter-in-law told the Advertiser: “He’s devastated, he only said today how he misses Tommy.

“It was an old cat, he was 18 but to see him like that was awful and my father-in-law wanted to see him as well, it was horrible.

“You could actually see the boot mark on him and his fur was all greasy and smelled like diesel.

“I just ask myself why? It’s such a cruel, horrible thing to do.

“It makes you worry what might happen next.”

Anyone with information can call Glen Monk on 07548 204582 or the police on 0345 1233333.

A spokesman for Derbyshire police said: “We have received one report from a woman in Ilkeston whose cat has died. She told us she believes a liquid was poured over her cat prior to it being kicked.

“Another resident reported finding a dead cat in a field off Wade Avenue. These incidents are obviously very distressing and we would ask people to call police if they find dead cats, or believe their cat has been harmed.

“Safer Neighbourhood police officers are aware of the situation and have increased patrols.”