Demolition not the answer

The Co-Operative Society, Ilkeston, 1920s - 1930s
The Co-Operative Society, Ilkeston, 1920s - 1930s

I read that someone has suggested knocking down the former Co-op building in Ilkeston. If that happens, it will affect the Thursday and Saturday markets.

Where are people supposed to shop? Because if the food hall (Co-op) goes it leaves Tesco and Aldi. That’s fine if you have transport, but we haven’t all got cars.

Plus, people who live at the other end of town and round the top might not want to shop at Tesco or Aldi.

Yes, we are having a Morrisons, but not in the centre of town and that might not happen for about another two years.

The Co-op is not just a shop, it is a social meeting place for people who perhaps do not see anyone they know unless they meet at the Co-op.

We need to bring more shops back into Bath Street and someone like Primark to take over the empty floors in the Co-op — and also for the powers-that-be to think about the elderly.

On another subject, why did Erewash MP Jessica Lee not hold her second jobs fair in Ilkeston instead of Long Eaton?

I am sure there are plenty of venues where it could have been held, i.e. the Albion Leisure Centre (white elephant as it stands now, in my view) and the Co-op.

Long Eaton has everything, I feel.

Mrs B Matthews,

East Street, Ilkeston.