Depressed mum fell to her death

MOTHER-of-two Carol Long fell to her death after worrying that raiders would attack her family in their Ilkeston home, an inquest heard.

THE 46-year-old suffered from depression and had been seen by psychiatric nurses and a doctor in the two days before she died on November 10.

Her husband Brian was praised by Derby coroner Peter Ashworth who recorded a suicide verdict on Mrs Long, who lived on Kingsway.

Mr Long told Friday's hearing that his wife had been unable to sleep the night before she died.

"She was totally paranoid and kept peeping out of the curtains, thinking someone was going to come in and attack us.

"I was trying to get her back to bed and calm her down," said Mr Long, a factory manager.

Mrs Long was first diagnosed with depression in November 1993 and had medical treatment.

She began to have more problems last year and was seen by two nurses from the crisis intervention team on November 8.

Community psychiatric nurse Anne Stevenson was told Mrs Long had been needlessly worrying about some book-keeping.

After finishing accountancy work, she planned to help her mother-in-law, do more house decoration and follow her hobby of cross stitching.

Mrs Long told the nurse: "I don't have time to be ill."

Mrs Stevenson added: "She strongly denied any suicidal ideation or intent to self-harm."

Dr Firshad Malekzadeh saw Mrs Long with her husband and found her to be "calm and not confused."

Mrs Stevenson phoned Mrs Long's home on November 10, to arrange a visit that day. There was no reply because Mrs Long had fallen 20ft from a window about an hour before.

She was pronounced dead in the Royal Infirmary, Derby. A pathologist found she died from multiple injuries.

Neighbour Malcolm Foster saw Mrs Long lying face down in a path beside her home. Her husband was crouched beside her and said: "Carol, love, what has happened?"

Mr Long told the coroner his wife was taken to hospital when she previously had severe problems.

He added: "The last time this happened, I had no say. She was just sectioned.

"I sometimes think that would be the way rather than asking the husband if they want to try to cope at home."

The coroner paid tribute to Mr Long's efforts to care for his wife, adding: "I offer considerable condolences to you and a feeling of humility about the way you went to try and get her better."