Deterioration of our town


I’ve been living in my house for 60 years and I’m very concerned about the deterioration of our town. People’s gardens are becoming more like a rubbish dump.

I’m in my 90s and the only time I get out is when I go to the hospital but when I see the rubbish in the front and back gardens – especially in the Three Valleys and housing association homes – you just can’t fathom the state of things.

There are people in our town who do take pride in their gardens but other people’s gardens look like they belong to Steptoe – it takes away the pride for the whole street.

If these people were made to clean their gardens up and take some pride in them surely it would have an effect.

I spoke to councillors about this issue over a year ago and they agreed with me but nothing has been done.

My house used to be a council property and when we moved in we had to sign an agreement to keep the house and gardens clean or we would have been out but now they get away with it.

They could save an awful lot of money just by keeping an eye on these things.

Visitors must come into the town and think they wouldn’t want to live here. I feel very strongly that something should be done to tackle this problem by the council before it gets any worse.

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