Developer proposes 27 homes for Tansley

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NEWS: News.

Villagers fear Tansley can’t cope with more housing after a developer has submitted a planning application for a development in the village.

Vicki Raynes, chairman of Tansley Parish Council, is calling for Derbyshire Dales District Council to reject the application to build 27 houses on a site accessed from Tansley House Gardens.

She said the proposal came as a surprise to the parish council as 25 homes have already been allocated to the village at Whitelea Nursery, as part of the district council’s preliminary Local Plan.

She said: “We went through the democratic process for prioritising sites for Tansley and this site was priority four.

“Tansley residents don’t want any building on greenfield sites and don’t want settlement boundaries moving.”

She said the site proposed for development also abuts the Lumsdale Conservation Area.

“Tansley can’t cope with any more housing,” Vicki added. “We will object to it strongly.”

She said the village, which currently only has around 1,200 residents, does not have the facilities to accommodate an increase in population and raised concerns over the number of cars that would come about as a result of more than 50 houses potentially being built in the area.

“The whole thing is a debacle,” Vicki added.

“I think if it goes through it’s totally alien to the democratic process.”

The application includes four two–bedded, six three–bedded and seven four plus bedded homes, as well as affordable housing comprising of six two–bedded and four three–bedded homes.

On Monday, members of the Derbyshire Dales District Council’s Local Plan Advisory Committee will debate the outcome of a housing needs assessment, which was carried out by an assessor after members of the public raised concerns about the number of houses outlined in the Local Plan in consultation.

The assessor found that the district council’s target of 4,400 new homes by 2028 will meet the required amount for the area.

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