Developers should utilise brownfield sites

A man from Langley Mill says brownfield sites should have been utilised for the proposed 50 acre sports village in Nuthall.

Chris Barlow says the old Watnall Brick Yard would have been ideal, as well as brownfield spots around Cossall, Bulwell and the city centre.

He said: “There must be lots of brownfield sites around the county.

“The old Watnall brickyard is an ideal location. It’s been an eyesore for years and it’s visible off the M1 which is just what they (developers) want. And these’s not too much traffic either.”

59-year-old Mr Barlow, who lives in Dunstead Road, described the plan as ‘yet another unwarranted incursion on precious greenbelt land’.

He said developers just wanted to ‘lure people off of the motorway’ and ‘couldn’t be bothered to reclaim brownfield land’.

“These people only want this farmland in Nuthall because it’s handy. There’s no site to clear up like an old colliery yard, there’s nothing to reclaim, it’s just a matter of getting the JCBs out,” he said.

Mr Barlow – who used to walk the proposed countryside as a child – said he was not against investment for the area but that particular area of land had suffered enough, with having the A610 built through it, and years ago, the motorway.

“It is all that is left of what was once a lovely rural scene. It used to be fantastic. You don’t expect it to be like it forever but you don’t expect the whole lot tarmacked,” he said.

Mr Barlow said the complex would be a ‘toe in the door’ for further development and said he would not be surprised if a housing development was built in the next few years.

He also said he had ‘huge concerns’ for traffic, saying is was already ‘horrendous’ around junction 26 of the motorway and the sports village would cause further delays and congestion.