Development hits jackpot

New housing developments are frequently controversial and it is notoriously difficult to suit everybody . But in the case of the new Town Street flats, Three Valleys Housing has hit the jackpot!

First of all, Three Valleys deserve credit for the splendid way they have managed the site during construction - with safety at a premium, but also a nod to people’s natural curiosity by providing some spy windows in the protective fencing so that the interested by-passer can know what is going on!

To anybody who hasn’t taken advantage of this opportunity, I’d say, go right ahead and take a look - because development its progressing well!

I am sure that this new project when finally unveiled, will meet with widespread acclaim. It is visually tasteful and attractive, enhancing a part of the town that will catch the eye; creating the good impression that is vital if we want to encourage outsiders to visit Sandiacre and boost our local trade.

Secondly; these are tough times and many people are feeling the pinch. It’s great that Three Valleys has shown such commitment to the town and residents who needhousing and deserve accommodation of the highest standard.

The new development earns top marks on both counts!

I look forward to the completion of the venture and the first set of families receiving the key to the door of their new homes in Town Street flats.

Three Valleys have invested in the town; the local economy and most of all – the heart of Sandiacre, its people!

Patrick Pritchett,

Catherine Avenue,