Ding, dong! Jane is named top Avon lady

Avon Success: Jane Hughes.
Avon Success: Jane Hughes.

Super-selling Avon lady Jane Hughes was handed the keys to her dream car this week – after her team sold an incredible £1.6m of cosmetics this year.

Jane, of Chapel Streeet, Ilkeston, joined the cosmetics company in 2005 to earn a bit of extra cash to help her after the birth of her son Bradley.

Now the mum-of-three runs a team of 900 door-to-door sales representatives across the Midlands and earns around £70,000 a year. She still works as a representative as well.

On Thursday the firm presented her with a BMW One Series after she exceeded all expected sales targets. She said: “It’s a dream it really is, I never would have thought it would have gone this well.”

Jane, married to Paul, only started selling the beauty products full time to spend more time at home and avoid the spiralling cost of childcare.

But she soon found herself to be a natural seller and a dab hand at recruiting new representatives.

“As I got more team members, I realised I could expand a little bit more and more,” she said. “I only started for a little bit of extra money. I had no idea it would build so quick.”

The new car is just the latest in a series of prizes Jane, now the eighth top selling team leader in the UK, has won at Avon.

Her sales team’s skills have earned her trips to Monte Carlo, Venice, Berlin and Malta.

To visit her website head to www.sell-cosmetics.co.uk.