Disabled resident left out in the cold

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A WHEELCHAIR user has spent three days in her garden shed and sat under a gazebo while workmen rewire her Three Valleys Housing property.

Jane Beresford, of Orchard Close, Cotmanhay, was told her pet parrots would have to be moved out of the flat while electricians were at work because they were ‘unbearably noisy’ so she decided to sit in the shed with them.

Jane said: “I am absolutely disgusted by it, I have been wheeled out into the garden with the parrots and stuck there.

“I can’t just leave the parrots all day and because I’m in a wheelchair I’ve had to be outside with them or I can’t look after them properly.”

But a Three Valleys Housing representative told the Advertiser that prior to the essential work starting arrangements had been made and Mrs Beresford was happy with what had been agreed.

Jane spoke to the Advertiser after her neighbour, Rachel Strong, got in touch about the situation.

She said: “I looked out of my window and saw Jane and wondered what was going on.

“I live in the flat upstairs or she could have come and sat at mine all day but she can’t get up to my floor in her wheelchair.”

Jane added: “It’s been wet and cold and I shouldn’t have had to sit out in this weather like this.

“I can’t keep going in and out all day because of my wheelchair.”

A spokesman for Three Valleys Housing said: “Three Valleys Housing and the contractor did all they could to help Mrs Beresford be comfortable during the disruption caused by the necessary rewiring work.

“At no point did she or her social worker voice any concerns about the arrangements either before of during the time the contractors were on site. However, a representative from TVH will shortly be paying a courtesy visit to Mrs Beresford to ensure that she is happy with the way everything was handled.”