Dismayed at bleak picture


I read with interest (Eastwood and Kimberley Advertiser, February 24) an article by Laura Rand entitled ‘Council’s £18,000 boost to fight crime.’

I am happy that there is money made available for this purpose, as I will admit that my home town of Eastwood is not perfect, but I am unable to think of anywhere that is.

However, I was dismayed and angry to read the comments made by Councillor and Deputy Mayor Don Rowley in the above article. Our Deputy Mayor describes Eastwood South as a ‘horrible area’. He goes on to say that after living in Eastwood South for 41 years he moved to Brinsley as ‘it got unbearable with kids smashing things up, doing drugs’.

I have lived in Eastwood South for 18 years and, as already stated, will acknowledge that it isn’t perfect, but I resent the bleak and dreadful picture that Councillor Don Rowley paints of it.

I help run a youth group in Eastwood and this brings me into contact with many of the young people of this town, and I would like to state categorically that there are some wonderful young people living here.

Councillor Rowley was voted onto the Town Council to represent Eastwood South five years ago and chose not to sign his declaration, so therefore did not take his seat on the council at that time.

After checking the Eastwood Town Council’s own website, I find it intriguing that the part of Eastwood that Councillor Don Rowley derides so much is also the very part he represents as a Town Councillor. This year’s Deputy Mayor traditionally becomes next year’s Mayor, therefore, I ask Councillor Don Rowley to reconsider his position and ask himself if he could represent this Town as a councillor and Mayor since he finds part of it such a ‘horrible area’ that he left for pastures new. Maybe he should seek election in Brinsley instead, which I am sure is not perfect either.

I expect councillors to seek election in order to make a positive difference to the local community. I accept that they need to take a realistic view of the area, but I also expect that they be able to have a balanced view and see the many positives of the area too.

It is obviously difficult to do this from a distance.

Mrs Vicki Jones

Plumptre Way