Disregard for decency

With regard to the headline ‘Disgusting’ in last week’s ‘Tiser. I am not surprised and I believe this shows a disregard for common decency. They do not follow their own guidelines or enforce the rules and regulations regarding the general clearance, maintenance and appearance and graves, I feel.

I believe a lot of the ‘standard procedures’ started when those who previously dug the graves left (they also moved the soil in small trucks until after a funeral. The department has now been merged with the contractors who do the general garden maintenance around the town, I understand.

I believe the cemetery is in a poor state. In my view some of the trees are in a dangerous condition with a height of more than 50ft. Some of the trees are leaning over the road and branches regularly fall onto roads and graves.

I have been informed that they are regularly inspected and declared safe by a lady who stands on the ground and looks up into the branches. Surely the council would be liable for any damage incurred?

In my view Ilkeston has been neglected by Erewash Borough Council. If you visit Long Eaton where the council also has a base I believe it is a lot cleaner with good facilities and cleaner streets.

There is also a £150,000 skatepark for children with numerous other facilities that people can use.

Cemetery backer,

(Name and address supplied).