Distraction burglar fled after being challenged by homeowner

Charity boxes have been stolen in Sheffield
Charity boxes have been stolen in Sheffield

Derbyshire Police are reiterating their guidance about distraction burglaries after a man crept into a house in Long Eaton and said he was there to read the meter.

The incident happened at a house in College Street between 1pm and 2pm on Thursday, January 5.

A man walked into the property and claimed that he was there to check the meter, but when he was challenged he turned and left.

He was white, aged about 55, of medium build and about 6ft tall.

He had short, curly grey hair, was clean shaven, and was described as having yellowed front teeth.

Anyone who recognises the description of the man or saw him in the area that day is asked to call DC Bali Chahal on 101, quoting reference 17000006758.

You can also call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

The incident has prompted us to remind people about the crime prevention steps they can take to help protect them against would-be distraction burglars.

Tips include:

- Consider installing a door chain and make sure you keep your home secure.

- Do not open your door to anyone who calls without warning, no matter what excuses they give.

- Genuine callers will not call unannounced – they will arrange an appointment or give written notice about work taking place.

- Check the identification of any callers and, if they claim to represent a company or utility, call that company and check if they have cold callers in the area.

- Do not be tempted to leave your house with a caller, even if it is just for a minute and into your garden.

- If a cold caller is persistent or makes you feel concerned or uncomfortable, call police immediately.