Do travellers get tickets?


Just before Christmas 2011, I was given a parking ticket in the South Street car park, which may I say was quiet justified, as I had gone over my time limit by 11 minutes.

This was due to me stopping and talking to someone on South Street on my way to the car. No problem with that, I was over my allotted time, and I got a fine.

What does feel like a smack in the mouth is the fact that these so-called ‘travellers’ are back in our midst, after being asked to leave once already.

I can bet 100 per cent they never had a parking fine for their last visit, and I can bet 1,000 per cent they won’t get one this time.

No. That’s abusing their human rights probably.

Never mind the fool that paid his fine because he knew he was wrong.

Never mind the people who had tickets but they slid off the dashboard and got a fine.

Never mind the people who actually had tickets and moved car parks and got a fine, actually because the council moved the goalposts.

These ‘travellers’ will just do as they like, and we will clean up after them again.

Be a normal citizen and be a mug. That should be our motto.

Paul Miller