Does Christmas come along without you seeing Jesus?

Getting near enough to see!

Whilst in Shipley Park with the walking group we have joined, we found ourselves approaching a sculpture which was topped by what looked like tulips.

Getting near enough to read the inscription and the quotations from DH Lawrence we found that what at first appeared to be tulips were, in fact, Campion seed pods.

I, along with several others of the group had walked this part of the Nutbrook Tail before and never seen the sculpture.

Perhaps with so many natural things around it we had not noticed it, yet it has been there since 2001.

Others had seen it in the past, and even had their photo taken there, but most who knew of its existence had only seen tulips and not read the inscription.

Knowing it was there or what the flowers were was not a life changing experience but it does demonstrate how easy it is to pass things by and not see them or see but misunderstand them.

Reflecting on this brought home to me that these reactions are true of many people in the Christmas season.

In all that is included in the contemporary ‘Festive Season’ some people walk by the One who is the reason for the season and do not see Jesus who came to bring us a different perspective for this life and hope for the next.

Others see things that are other than this reality (like seeing the tulips that are really something else).

All the traditions that have come along with Christmas are fine but does Christmas come and go without you ‘seeing’ Jesus.

Missing Hilary Cartmel’s sculpture; misunderstanding it, or even taking it all in by reading every word on its base, would not change our lives one bit.

However, not discovering the Christ of Christmas would miss all that God has planned for our good.

Get nearer to Jesus – check Him out!

John R. Moorley

Methodist Local Preacher