Dog fouling: Help us find justice

I read the letter from Cllr McGraw on dog fouling.

No-one would argue with the sentiments, in fact it is usually one of the problems raised at most parish council meetings I attend across my Derbyshire County Council ward and something that is totally unacceptable.

As is stated in the letter, this has been discussed at the Erewash Borough Council meetings time and time again, in fact we were ridiculed recently for apparently preferring to talk about dog poo rather than other more serious matters!

It is suggested that we employ more dog wardens and give heavier fines when offenders are caught. Unfortunately Erewash has more than 100 open green spaces, the parishes across the borough have many more and we have many miles of pavements. It is impossible to monitor all areas, however many wardens are employed.

We have carried out many campaigns such as notices on open areas with graphic pictures, we have had wardens attending schools and talking to children about the hazards of dog fouling, hoping that they may shame adults who do not act responsibly with their dogs.

There are more dog bins around than ever and wrapped dog faeces can even be put in ordinary litter bins, although it is still preferable that the special dog bins are used.

I see that the suggestion is that we have a charter. I am afraid a charter is as much use as a strategy — not worth the paper it is written on unless acted upon and unfortunately dogs cannot read and whether we like it or not the irresponsible dog owners who can read can be confronted by as many notices or documents as you like but they disgracefully ignore them.

The borough council wardens will take action but they need help, let us all be like the lady who was pictured, get involved, don’t just moan but be an informer. I know the majority of people do not like to ‘tell tales’ but if you know of someone in your area who is a regular dog walker who does not clear up the mess, inform the council, they will happily, if given an approximate time and area when the dog is walked, come and do their best to catch the irresponsible owner and hopefully obtain a prosecution.

Lastly just to say that I do think that the majority of dog owners are very responsible owners but it is the mindless minority that need ‘shopping’.

Cllr Carol Hart,

Derbyshire CC and

Erewash BC.