Dog mess problem sparks health fears

NILABE111031e2, David O'Connor worried about the amount of dog mess on Byron street Ilkeston.
NILABE111031e2, David O'Connor worried about the amount of dog mess on Byron street Ilkeston.

AN ILKESTON pensioner has dubbed persistent dog fouling in the area around his home as a health risk.

David O’Connor, 80, of Byron Street, says the problem around Larklands – in particular on the bridge over Chalons Way near Chaucer Primary School – is out of control.

And he has demanded action from Erewash Borough Council to do more to tackle the issue by catching those responsible and cleaning up the street.

“The problem is dog walkers are out at 6am in the morning exercising their pets but there are never any wardens around at that time so they know they can get away with leaving it on the street,” he told the Advertiser.

“It’s disgusting and stomach-churning having to face it day after day.”

There was previously a dog fouling bin in the area but that was stolen. Since then it was replaced once but again was removed – however Mr O’Connor feels those responsible for letting their dogs foul wouldn’t use a bin even if there was one there.

“There are kids walking up there to Chaucer school having to paddle through it every day. It can’t be hygienic,” said Mr O’Connor.

“We really need something doing about it. We’re talking about people’s health here.

“There are hundreds of people using that bridge every day who are having to face this. Everybody has had enough.”

The street was cleaned by the council last week but Mr O’Connor says half an hour later there was more dog mess left on the pavement again.

And Phil Wright, Director for Operational Services at Erewash Borough Council, said that in response to Mr O’Connor’s complaints they had increased patrols by neighbourhood wardens in the area to try and solve the problem.

“We will continue to monitor the area but I would appeal to residents to help us identify those dog owners who are failing to pick up after their pets,” he added.

“Anyone who has information can contact us anonymously and in confidence – by working together we can target our patrols and crack down on this issue.

“We know that the majority of dog owners are very responsible and share our outrage at those people who think it is acceptable behaviour to let their dogs mess in public places and then walk away and leave it.”