Dog owners who fail to clean up after their pets in Long Eaton park targeted

West Park Long Eaton
West Park Long Eaton

Irresponsible owners who fail to clear up their dog’s mess at a Long Eaton park are being targeted in a fresh crackdown.

Erewash Borough Council says the issue is ‘fast becoming a serious problem’ at West Park and is urging folk to report any dog fouling incidents to it.

The crackdown comes at a time when dog mess in public places increases due to owners using the cover of darkness during winter months to ignore picking up the poop.

It means children playing in the park have come into contact with large amounts of mess.

Councillor Garry Hickton, lead member for the environment, said: “Owners need to be extremely responsible when letting their dogs use the park and clean up any mess responsibly using the waste bins provided. Erewash Borough Council take this issue very seriously and offer various ways to report dog fouling incidents via text, phone and email.”

Owners who flout the law will be hit with a £100 fixed penalty notice.

Anyone who witnesses an incident can provide details via the confidential PRIDE-line number 0115 850 8383 or email

They must give details of the location and approximate time. The council also runs a text alert system for folk to use if and when they witness a dog fouling.

If you see someone allowing their dog to foul you can text the time, date, location and a brief description of the dog and owner to 07792 701 583.

The council will also clean up dog mess if residents give a precise location. Call 0115 907 2244 for more information.