Don’t bring politics in

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I read in the Ilkeston Advertiser that MP Jessica Lee has accused a local councillor Brian Lucas of bringing party politics into the matter of the local school in Cotmanhay being closed.

I find this deplorable of our MP who is meant to represent the people of Ilkeston. From my experience Cllr Lucas has acted honestly and with integrity throughout and it is the Trust which runs the school that has let the community down. Cllr Lucas attended the public consultation night at the school in September. I saw no sight of our MP at either of the two nights of public consultation.

As a taxpayer Cllr Lucas has visited my home on several occasions to get my views of the closure of Bennerley school and has also arranged the petition of over 1,000 names to be delivered to our MP.

I take it as an insult to our community that our MP accuses our county councillor in this way when all he has done is try to put forward the views of the people and the interests of the children in the area first.

My personal comment to Jessica Lee is that she tell us all what Lord Hill has said and also provide the contracts that I requested from her way back in the beginning of October. Then I can understand that politics has nothing to do with her actions.

Finally I do not care what political party anyone belongs to as long as they are acting in the interests of the children, parents and all tax-payers who fund education.

I challenge all political parties to pull together on this issue and do what the public wants and that is to keep the school open for the local community

Wendy Phillips

Duke Street, Ilkeston